Fjord Fabrics is a natural cooperator for interior and furniture businesses. Our fabrics are more and more used by happy people all over the globe. 


The company was founded by Elling Rem in 1983 under the name Scan Aprima. For all these years we have been a supplier to the Norwegian furniture industry. 

Knowledge and know-how is important and we work with trendy and inspiring suppliers from a lot of friendly places.

We are Fjord Fabrics

Our pride for our heritage is big and our new name show where we come from and how we are inspired from quality fabrics to smiling people. We are born and raised by the fjord between the mountains. We are Fjord Fabrics.


We are located in Ørsta in the middle of the furniture area of Norway. Our warehouse in Ørsta contain all colors and qualities you can dream of and even some more. We've got everything from soft cuddle fabrics, smooth leather to heavy duty vinyls for the hardcore user. 

We are proud of our knowledge and seek to be the friendly helper to everybody in the interior business .